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Local Events

Rose Festival – Kazanlak

The Rose Festival has become a large and colorful Rose Festival. It takes place on the first weekend of June. There are three main points:

Contest “Queen Rose”. Spectacular-defile of the most beautiful and charming Kazanlak graduates, who are part of the pride and emblem of the city. Traditionally, it begins with the Rose Festival.

The Rose and Rose Ritual ritual. The annual central event for the official guests and foreign and our tourists during the culmination Sunday of the Festival. Rosemary, authentic folklore groups, kukeri and dancers make the rose gardens invite guests to pick out the flowers of the gods – the oil-bearing Kazanlak Rose, to taste pink jam, gulch and rosemary liqueurs.


Pink oil is boiled in the ragout, and the hosts give the guests the freshly made rose water. Carnival procession. More than 5,000 participants in a colorful carnival series have been defiling for over an hour on the streets of Kazanlak, depicting different moments of the history and the many culture of the Rose Valley. In the colorful carnival procession, emblematic “strangers” from Chudomir’s stories. In the colorful strings of embroidery and dresses, with songs and dances, the city is represented by representatives of different folk formations.

Rose Festival in Pavel Banya

In 2005, for the first time since 1966, Pavel Banya revived the tradition of popularizing the great riches of the municipality – the Bulgarian oil rose and healing mineral waters. Traditionally, the holiday is held in the second week of June. It includes an exhibition of local artists, a bazaar of artistic crafts and products related to rose and rose oil, a folklore festival with international participation, a sports holiday with the opening of Swimming Summer and the choice of King of Mineral Water and others. All this is accompanied by many children’s attractions, swings and a bazaar that add extra color to the whole holiday. Every village in the municipality presents its traditions, customs and typical dishes of the improvised “Rural yards”.

Kuker Festival – Pavel Banya and the villages of Turia and Tchernicene

Carnival is a phenomenon whose name probably comes from the Latin expression “carni levamen”, which literally means “liberation of the flesh”. Carnival rituals have been preserved since the pagan times when the disorienting factor in religious beliefs, deities, cults and taboos dominated the world. Every year, in Shrove  Sunday /The first Sunday before Easter Lent / a tradition has been revived in some parts of the country, whose mysticism leads to ancient times, to myths and rituals.

Gradually, it receives its natural evolution in the course of the historical process and begins its manifestation as part of the new beliefs that are a function of change. Carnival games are in common with the Dionysian sacraments and celebrations in Ancient Greece, where they sang and danced in honor of Dionysus, the god of wine, vineyards, celebrations and entertainment

Day of Pavel Banya – September 8th

On September 8, the day when the Christian world celebrated the birth of St. Paul, Virgin Mary, the municipality of Pavel Bania celebrates. The feast begins with a solemn liturgy, served in the only church in the city “Nativity of the Blessed Virgin” on the occasion of the temple holiday. On this holy day one of the most beautiful municipalities in Bulgaria is organizing concerts, a lithium procession, traditional traditional kurban cooking. The town of Pavel Banya was established immediately after the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878, and the settlement was first called Paul. From the very construction of the settlement, the Orthodox church in it is named after the mother of God, and that is why the celebration of the town and the municipality is celebrated on September 8 – Nativity of the Virgin.


Chudomir Holidays – in Kazanlak and Pavel Banya

Chudomir Days in Pavel Banya are held from March 25, the birthday of humorist Chudomir. The humorist was born in the nearby village of Turia. Pavel and Travelers dedicate him a fun week with a wish to all the inhabitants and guests of the city, to keep Chudomir’s smile and to pass it on to the generations because: “… the most empty of our days is the one we are not in Never bold “.

On the same date, and in Kazanlak, Chudomir celebrations were launched. Including the events Chudomir National Literary Competition, National Competition for Merry Children’s Drawing “The Little Natives”, National Theater Festival “The Comedy of the Season”, National Contest for Children’s and Humorous Works “Prison”, concerts, exhibitions, discussions, book premieres.

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