гр. Павел Баня

Курортът Павел Баня

Pavel Banya is a resort of international prominence. Situated in the central part of Bulgaria, between mauntains Stara Planina and Sredna Gora, next to the Koprinka Dam and the Tundzha River.

The town is situated in the center of the Rose Valley and on the valley of the Thracian rulers, with its healing mineral waters, the resort has excellent conditions for both balneological and alternative tourism – rural, thematic (related to the cultural and historical heritage), hunting, ecological , Aromatherapy and others.

Around the hot mineral springs, archaeological excavations have revealed the remains of an ancient city, Roman baths, a large Christian church and other buildings, which testifies that the resort has been known in Antiquity.

Pavel Banya is 192 km away from Sofia, 80 km from Plovdiv, 60 km from Stara Zagora and 25 km from Kazanlak.

The average altitude is 828 m.

The average annual air temperature is around 10.8 degrees at an average temperature in January around minus 1 degree and in July around 22 degrees. The summer is quite warm, refreshed by the mountain valley wind, the water table of the nearby Koprinka dam and the forested slopes of Sredna Gora. Winter is moderately cold, but it feels tangible due to poor winds. The duration of sunshine is too high – over 2 200 hours per year.


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