гр. Павел Баня

Mineral water of Pavel Banya

Минералните води в Павел баня, наред с тези в с. Овощник са едни от най-богатите в Европа на елемента флуор (16-24 mg/l).


Composition of mineral water in the resort of Pavel banya:
Radon – 10 nCi / l
Fluorine – 16 mg / l
H2SiO3 – 59 mg / l
T – 35 to 61 ° C
Mineralization – 650 mg / l
Ph – 7.6
Hardness – 1.7 H
Flow – 16 1 / s
Cl – 14 mg / l
Na + K – 162 mg / l
Mg – 2. 4 mg / l

As it is seen water is a natural radioactive – contains Radon, not in large quantities (10 nCi / l), therefore, it is not recommended for spa treatments, sports, adolescents, and it must be used only by prescription.

Fluorine in mineral water

Mineral waters in Pavel Banya are one of the richest in Europe, which contains the element fluorine (16-24 mg / l). Mineral water from Pavel Banya can be used for drinking, but only after a prescription – it is not available for everyday use.
The biological action of the fluorine is in small doses. This mineral water is recommended for patients with bone fractures, patients with osteoporosis, Syndrome Zyudek, dental caries and others.
By drinking this mineral water, fluorine creates conditions for conversion by compounds of body heavy metals and radioactive elements into harmless compounds.

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