гр. Павел Баня

Family Gechevi

Prof. Georgi Gechev has laid the foundations for scientific balneology and rehabilitation in Pavel Banya, a longtime director of the Sanatorium, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, an honorary citizen of Pavel Banya.

Prof. Georgi Gechev constructed the underwater extension table in 1968, which is recognized for rationalization, and in 2015 the combined underwater and extended therapy is protected as a trademark of EU “GETHEV”. He is also the initiator of the construction of the SGB in Pavel Banya, where he has healed hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

The land on which the Clinic was built was owned by Georgi Chorbadzhiyski, brother of Dimitar Chorbadzhiyski / Chudomir / – inherited by the direct relatives – Dr. Gechevi.

While staying with us you will enjoy the magnificence of Chudomir’s work and will immerse yourself in the history of a dignified life and Renaissance genre, reading the handwritten notes to Georgi Chorbadjiiski’s Diary. Get to know us through them because you are not only our patients but also our friends. And friends know each other ….

Prof. Yuri Gechev / son of Dr. Georgi Gechev / is a vertebrologist, author of the first Bulgarian textbook on Vertebrology.

Dr. Gergana Gecheva / granddaughter of  Dr. Georgi Gechev / is a physiotherapist specialist. She specialized in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Jerusalem, Israel, Hadasha Hospital,

Dr. Stoimen Gechev / grandson of Dr. Georgi Gechev / has graduated from Medical University in Sofia, physician in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.


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