гр. Павел Баня


The rehabilitation clinic “Dr. Gechevi” was created by the progeny doctors – Ghechevi family, with the idea to continue the beginning of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in Pavel Banya by professor Georgi Gechev, as well as to preserve the original methods / underwater extension under Ghechev / for the treatment and rehabilitation of the vertebral diseases, glorified the resort to this day. Our main activity is focused on the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of diseases of the locomotory system.

Our clinical cases

A fertility patient with a disc herniated lumbar and scoliosis – after treatment in the Clinic, she is already expecting a child that was not possible before treatment.

A patient with a herniated disc in the lumbar portion, arrived at the clinic in a wheelchair. After treatment with underwater lumbar extension by GECHEV after three days feet, and after 10 days traveling under its own power. After 6 months he again drives off-road motor!



A disc herniated patient arrived in the Clinic in a very difficult condition from Macedonia. After the therapy, it is already moving alone.

A patient with muscular dystrophy arrived for the first time in a wheelchair clinic in a very severe condition. After two visits, each with a 10-day treatment course, already manages his car and self-service.

Пациент със сколиоза от две години – състоянието на гръбначния стълб преди и след 12-дневна терапия в клиниката.

Пациент от Македония, пристигнал в клиниката с квадрипареза след фрактура на шийни прешлени от ПТП. След 20-дневен престой извървя първите си 50 метра.

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