гр. Павел Баня


Лечебните процедури се назначават след преглед от лекар – специалист по „Физикална и рехабилитационна медицина”.

Observations of our medical specialists matched with global studies that there is no one over the age of 45 who at least once in their lives had pain in the neck, back or waist. Therefore we apply the latest world trends in rehabilitation medicine and we have developed original, self healing methods:

We have greatest success (85-95%) in positively affected spinal conditions: herniated disc, radiculopathy / pain along the nerve roots / spondylosis – pain from arthrosis of spine joints, ankylosing spondylitis and so on.

With no little success to 80 – 90%  we positively affect the consequences of hypodynamia – immobilization in modern humans, mostly in sitting professions – pain and stiffness in the neck, back and waist; occipital and cervical headache; vertebral-basilar insufficiency – dizziness, double vision, noise in the ears, etc.

Particularly well we recover from 85 – 100% muscle and joint contractures after fractures of limbs, and after inserting artificial joints.

We have many years of experience in the recovery of patients who have diseases of  the central or peripheral nervous system.

Very good results up to 50-60% with prolongation of remission and reduction of pain achieved in degenerative joint diseases: arthrosis, gonarthrosis and so on.


The course of treatment has duration – 15-20 days. The medical procedures are appointed after examination by a doctor – a specialist in “Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.”
On arrival is required to provide medical documentation, medical history, examinations, X-rays, CT scans, MRI, electromyography and others.

Not accepted patients with:
1. Vascular lesions of the brain (after a stroke).
2. Epilepsy, tubercul Cardiovascular diseases osis, anemia, cirrhosis, severe diabetes, bleeding.
3. Decompensated cardiovascular diseases
4. Tumors of all kinds.
5. Patients with decubitus and pelvic rezorvoir interference.
6. Psychiatric disorders.
7. Severe pulmonary disorders (asthma, emphysema, abscess, etc.)..
8. Skin and venereal diseases.
9. Children under the age of 18,  independently.


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