гр. Павел Баня

Prof. Yordan Gechev

/Honorary Professor of The International
Medical Assotiation „Bulgaria“(IMAB)/


1979 – completed secondary education at the Language School “Romen Rolan” in Stara Zagora.

1989 – graduated from the Higher Medical Institute in Stara Zagora – medical specialty.

2010 – completed higher education / master degree / – “Business management – health management”.


1990 – “Contemporary methods for emergency resuscitation and intensive care”.

1993 – a recognized specialty – “Physiotherapy, resort and rehabilitation” – Sofia University.

1993 – “Otoneurology” – Institute of Minority Medicine Sofia.

1994 – “Doppler Sonography” – Sofia University.

1995 – basic course in “General Medicine” – Plovdiv University.

1995 – Acquired Qualification – “Manual Therapist” – IMS Sofia.

1996 – “Otoneurology” – Sofia University.

1997 – “Pathophysiology and Pain Management” – Institute of Minority Medicine Sofia.

1999 – acquired qualification – “Manual vertebral therapy” – Sofia University.

2000 – Training Course “Ultrasound in Medicine” – Sofia University.

2000 – “Headache, Diagnostics and Therapeutic Problems” – IMI Sofia.

2001 – Specialization in Doppler Sonography – “Carotid Stenosis” – Sofia University, etc.


1989 – 1993 – doctor-ordinator at the Sanatorio Complex in Pavel Banya.

1993 – 2003 – Head of Department at the Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation – NK-EAD Pavel Banya Branch.

2003 – 2014 – Manager of Pavel Bany Medical Center Ltd. Pavel Banya.

From 2014 Director of Specialized Hospital Rehabilitation Branch 0


Bulgarian Medical Association.

Member of the Management Board of the Association of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Association of Manual Therapy of Vertebrogenic Diseases of the Nervous System.

Bulgarian Groundwater Association.

Rotary Club Kazanlak.

Author of numerous scientific publications in the country and abroad.

Author of the book “Fundamentals of General Vertebrology”, nominated in the same year for “Medical Book of the Year 2002” and awarded a diploma: “For Author’s Contribution to Medical Literature”.

From the beginning of his career, more than 20 years, he applied in the original and perfected the unique for Bulgaria methodology (created by his father – Prof. Georgi Gechev) for the treatment of disc hernias – UNDERWATER EXTENSION.


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